hello, i'm mi

a basic
                illustrative drawing of mi

i am a girlthing in mid-20s from central Poland. she/her, it/its.

check out if this now.htm exists as that's where i intend to pin up temporary relevant post-its of writings and links

technical notes will go here: /notes/

i kinda can be emailed at mi.4707100@sdf.org or mi@mi.nom.pl

at the turn of the years i used to sometimes add things to this Atom feed directly: log.xml
(yes, that's Atom with XSLT. Seamonkey will ignore the XSLT; Chrome may fail, links & likes too.)
but currently it is not in use

again, look at the now.htm

scroll horizontally

  • living with a housewife quasi-gf
  • pursuing several not quite anymore currently
  • also having fwbs (after once thinking i'm too demi for that)
  • lonely
  • focusing on self-development after several breakups
    • i've become uninteresting because of how little solitary pursue of hobbies I had been indulging in, recently
  • working fulltime
  • sometimes struggling with hobbyist activity
  • often unable to dedicate time
  • mimbo
  • rating myself attractive
  • rather dumb, very behind aspirations
  • headpats welcome
  • needy for appreciation, especially validating
  • from cute friends&strangers