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active museum seeing and fetching fax machine

a warm day, a friend of my partner and a contributor to the initiative we've been partaking, who has now emigrated, visited, and we thus took a train to the Museum in Szreniawa — National Museum of Agriculture and Industry.

it has been a long day of lots of walking and lots of actively going through the museum with an excellent talkative companionship with adjacent technical expertises

many little unexpected details to the day, once off the train also going to a coffee shop and two drogeries and ultimately —

a shopping mall for a few necessities of not ours, talking lots amidst, and ending the day just us two enjoying some food in front of the mall as the sun set.

and i looked great. a hat and a classy look with some real good fits of mine incl. a long soft skirt, and a Nokia 300 themed original cross-body bag.

then i went to fetch from the parcel locker where a fax machine i bought awaited me. i don't have a landline, tis' for fun

as i listened to Paramore - Riot on earbuds (rare that i do) and then right then took to take care of this website at last somewhat